Posted by: ubahleeob | December 17, 2010

Christmas and Cinnamon Rolls

I was thinking today about Christmas traditions.  We all have them. From when and how you trim your tree to how and when you open your presents. Christmas is all about traditions.  I think it’s the transcendent feeling it brings.  I still do things I did with my departed grandmother (can it be Christmas Eve without Bugles and Onion Dip?). These traditions connect us to our past and we hope, to our children’s future.  It’s the thought that even when we are no longer here, we are still a part of something.  We are still remembered. When the stories of our traditions are explained and passed on, we will be there.

We have a Christmas tradition; Cinnamon Rolls on Christmas morning.  We were living in Arkansas at the time, the kids were small.  I was working for a bookstore company and money was really tight.  Christmas morning rolled around and I had this idea to do something special. Of course all of the stores were closed, but at the end of the street was a Texaco gas station  that also stocked freshly made, gourmet  Cinnamon Rolls. I know, only in Arkansas.  Hoping against hope, I drove down to the store to see if anything still remained.  Amazingly, there sat a couple of boxes that had survived the final holiday rush. 

I grabbed them, paid the cashier, and hurried home.  It’s funny, while these rolls looked wonderful; they were a couple of days old and had begun to get a bit stale and  harden. That might explain why they were still in the store!  Still, with the hope to make Christmas “special” for the family, I took them home, worked some food magic Alton Brown would’ve been proud of, and enjoyed my first (of many) Christmas morning Cinnamon Rolls.

 Even now, thinking about this makes me a bit teary.  So much in our lives has changed since then.  We have moved five times through three different states and lots of life has been lived.  Friendships have been made and friendships have been  lost. Yet one thing remains constant, the question that one of my now (almost) adult son’s asked just the other day, “Dad is gonna make sure we have Cinnamon Rolls for Christmas morning right?”  Without a doubt … it’s a tradition.



  1. love cinnamon rolls….thanks for keeping our blog on your blogroll and thank you for your prayers…

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