Posted by: ubahleeob | June 26, 2010

Changing Names

 Wow, it has been a very long time since I tried to write.  A lot has happened and a lot hasn’t.  Both (the haves and the have nots) will probably be used for some writing fodder in the near future.  This is the first blog under my new name, “Where Do We Go From Here”.  Always a fan of the Alan Parson’s Project tune, these six words sort of sum up what life is like for me now.  The dream of moving to the beautiful Gulf Coast has come true after 18 long years. But I have found that sometimes things aren’t what they always seem to be and what we imagine things will be like isn’t always the case.  I  thought when The Dream came to pass, everything would fall into place.  I’m sure that all of you knew that wouldn’t be the case, forgive me for being so naive.

 I wrote in a past blog about my desire to find the groove again.  Drummers and other musical types will understand that, I won’t belabor the point a second time. I know there are people who can float aimlessly and be at peace. I need the feeling of purpose, the feeling of momentum.  In the words of Jessica Rabbit, “I’m  drawn that way”. 

Four years ago we (the family) started a journey that has led us here.  Much of what we had thought would happen  didn’t come to pass but still the experience provided inertia to move us to the next point.  But here I am feeling, as I told a peer the other day, chronically apathetic wondering, “Where do we go from here.”  I have all of the pat answers to solve such a conundrum: pray, listen, wait, and repeat — but I am growing weary of pat answers.

Yet and still, I know that God is here.  I see him in my son’s creativity, I see him in my wife’s smile, and yes I see him when I look out on the most beautiful beaches in the world. Even with all of that, the question remains (sing it with me if you know it)  where do we go from here…..



  1. Hey, this is Helen…glad to see you blogging again!

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