Posted by: ubahleeob | July 10, 2009

Dreams Coming True

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I took this picture four or five years ago.  It is one of many plaques that surround a fountain at Baytowne Wharf  in the  Sandestin Beach Resort.  I remember the day I took this.  It was actually the day we were leaving.  We had just eaten breakfast at Another Broken Egg and the fountain got my attention.  I remember actually saying a little prayer under my breath,  something like, “Lord, I really want to live here.  I want to return to the days of my youth.”

You have to understand, my love of things Floridian does not come from some misplaced vacation lust. Generations of my family have called Northwest Florida home.  I spent many, many days as a youth on the beaches and bayous of Bay County.  So, it’s not that I had a great vacation and thought this would be the place to live.  No, for me it is deeper.  Honestly, I can’t really explain it.  It just “is”.

So now, within the next couple of weeks we will be moving to Panama City Beach.   As the swallows return to Capistrano, so this Lee is returning to Panama City.  But this isn’t something that just happened.  As with most things, God has taken years to work some of this out.  As I have said before, the weaving of our lives and experiences together is one of  God’s greatest miracles.  God, having worked all of this out eons ago, orchestrates our lives — not  only individually, but together, to form something that is at the same time exciting, wonderful, and if you are moving your family across the country — a bit scary.

I made another  move three years ago.  Sold my home etc etc and moved to Clarksville,  Tennessee to follow another dream. While that dream remains unfulfilled, there was something deeper at work.   As we do many times, we think we know what God is doing, but  often he has something else up his sleeve.  When I interviewed for the job that is taking me  to the Emerald Coast, they were very impressed by my last two years of work experience.  Before moving here I had worked in the same industry, but with a regional company.  It was good, but it wasn’t a major player.  Since moving here I have had the pleasure to work for an industry leader.  It was that experience that caught their eye. I truly believe that without that on my resume, this move might not have happened.

One of the reasons that I even applied for the job in Panama City was due to my wife losing her job.  At the time, I really didn’t think I would get a call.  I have been applying for 18 years with never a call back.  The administration changed at my wife’s  school two years ago. A new principal was brought in.  Honestly, if that principal had chosen to renew her contract this year we would’ve stayed in place.  But instead, the principal’s decision to cut her loose was actually  part of the plan.  Not that I wanted my wife to go through what she did. The principal was wrong in how she treated my wife, but that was part of the design. Sounds like one of those “working all  to your good” things.

Then there is Eastgate.  I have blogged about them before so I won’t belabor the point.   We “found” them at a time when we were really questioning certain things that we  had believed.  Again, not creed sorts of things, but  we were really asking some tough questions.  That was two years ago.  Since then they have become “the family with which we worship.”  Thanks to the invention of the web, we have spent our Sundays huddled around our computers, watching and worshiping.  I think they call us Cybergaters.  My wife and I often had conversations that went like this, “I don’t understand why God let us find Eastgate if  He’s not gonna let us go there.”  Thankfully, he is.  He always was.

There are other things, things that have yet to happen that God will have been setting up for years.  But it’s not just me.  Look at your own life.  You are part of that tapestry, your own life is woven in and through others.  Sometimes for good and sadly sometimes not.  But still, the Great Orchestrator of all does have a plan and it really is better than anything we could’ve hoped for or imagined.

I was talking to one of my Chef’s yesterday.  This gentleman is a wonderful chef, partly because of his Italian-Czechoslovakian heritage.  He was asking questions about our move and he said, “so I hear that you have been wanting this for over 18 years?”  I said yes something like that.  He then said, “well boss, it looks to me like your dreams are coming true.”   Our dreams are coming true.  I believe they are indeed.



  1. You are so right…”the weaving of our lives and experiences together is one of God’s greatest miracles.”
    Best of experiences on your move!

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