Posted by: ubahleeob | May 14, 2009

Why Do We Always Have To Wait?


I don’t know about you, but I hate to wait. I  always have.  It’s my dad’s fault I think, he HATES lines and waiting.  He blames it on the Air Force, always with the hurry up and wait.  I had my time in Air Force as well, and yes, it is maddening.   When I travel I have been known to take the long way around just to avoid some expected or perceived  delay.  My theory is at least I’m moving.  I know, I need help — Hi I’m John, I’m a waitaphobic.  

But actually, waiting is  intrinsically tied to the human experience.  We have to wait for everything. What child of the 60’s or reader of Ecclesiastes doesn’t know that everything has a time of preparation (…to everything turn, turn, turn,..there is a season….)  You would think that after 30 or 40 years of waiting I would be better at it.  But still, I want what I want and I want it now.  I feel like Paul when he wrote that he was guilty of doing things he knew were unhealthy or wrong.  I don’t want to fight the waiting. I know that at times it is necessary . Still I watch the clock, check the phone, search the calendar.  Like I said –professional intervention might be in order.

Right now, at this very moment I am waiting for a call.  Over the past three weeks I have been interviewing for a job in northwest Florida. This call would set up what should be the last of three interviews.   Moving to Florida is  something that my wife and I have been talking, praying and dreaming about for over 18 years, and filling up my blogs since I started writing (see my last entry and the title of my site for proof if needed).  Life has always led us down a path that, to this point, never included a permanent residence in Florida.  

So you can imagine how excited, frustrated, almost stressed we have been these past three week as we wait for the outcome.  And the questions that have run through our minds, oh the wacky questions: ” Why haven’t they called?”, “Doesn’t God know how much we have wanted this? Why would he let them call me in the first place if we weren’t going to get the job?”, and my all time favorite (this is a direct result of my past religious training) “Satan knows how much we want to live down there, maybe this is his way of giving us what we want and then wrecking our marriage .”   I told you — I needed professional help!

So what do you do?  Actually there is only one thing you can do and what’s that class?  Yes, you in the back, that’s right –I have to wait.  It’s funny, as I was typing this a verse came to my mind, James 1:7 –Every desirable and beneficial gift comes out of heaven. The gifts are rivers of light cascading down from the Father of Light. There is nothing deceitful in God, nothing two-faced, nothing fickle.(The Message)  Nothing deceitful, nothing two-faced, nothing fickle — He can be trusted, always trusted.   Feels like I need to stick in a  “Selah” at this point so here you go,   Selah.

Hopefully the next thing I post will be about the trials and tribulations of moving or how my kids are ticked because I am moving them closer to the beach (they are evidently  made of a compound that melts when it comes  into direct contact with salt water), or how God really did answer our 18 years of prayer.  Of course, he already has.  Never deceitful, not two-faced or fickle — full of light.  Again, Selah.



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