Posted by: ubahleeob | May 7, 2009

Here We Stand..


I hate making decisions.  But what is life but one decision after another.  Here we stand again, having to make another life changing decision. A bit of back story is in order.

 My wife is a teacher.  Three years ago she had her contract non-renewed. She had been at the school for six years, it was private so there was no tenure.  They lobbed off the highest earning teachers, it was a money saving decision for them. Nothing personal, it was business.  ( I love what Meg Ryan says in You’ve Got Mail, ” …it is very personal to me!”).  Plus, we had become part of a small group of folks that were thinking about beginning a new christian fellowship.  Hopes were high, we were gonna change the world.  The leaders of this band of misfits relocated to another area and we debated loud and long about following them to assist with the fellowship.   I had a job, we owned a home and there were actually rumblings that the school might be able to rehire some of the released teachers.  There we stood, staring into the unknown, not really sure what to do.  

 The wife got a teaching  job the day before school started where our friends now lived.  So we sold our home (in a day actually), I quit my job and we relocated.  

Fast forward back to the present day and   we are basically in the same situation (well sort of).  My wife has again become one of the non-renewed.  Three years at the same school and now she’s out the door.  It’s a shame, they are losing a real teacher.  The hoped for “fellowship” never happened and we rarely if ever see our friends.  I have talked with lots of folks about this, and there is some validity to the idea that says”well you thought you were coming here for one reason, but evidently God had other things in mind.” Yet and still, the thing that brought us here isn’t happening.  We have no other connection to this place.  None.

So here we stand, again staring into our future.  We do have some ideas, but nothing is firm and there have been many more discussions, some loud — most long.  We have been trying to relocate to Northwest Florida for over 18 years. We love the area, we have found a church fellowship that we love, the whole place  feels like home.   Maybe this is the time to go.  I did get a call from a recruiter from the area, but still haven’t gotten that all important second call.  How do you convince someone that you are the answer to their need when you aren’t local?  It is a puzzle I have not yet solved.  How will the wife deal with her non-renewal, trying to convince a school to trust her after her employer chose to let her contract expire?  How do you pray about this?  Do you pray for what you want, what you think will make you happy?  Or do you just say “Lord, your will be done” — apply everywhere and hope something sticks?  Are we making it too hard?

Either way, here we stand.    Peace.



  1. John, I’ll certainly be praying for you in the decisions that lie ahead. I would think you pray for what you want, and pray that God’s will will be done as you proceed, and also apply everywhere and hope something sticks.

    Not trying to be snide…just thinking that everything you suggested makes sense…so why not?

    Again…we’ll keep the situation in prayer and trust that God will open up the right doors and illuminate your path. My vote is that you come down here!

    • Thanks Rob. It’s nice to know we aren’t alone in this.

      Sadly (or happily — I know, make up your mind right?) Eastgate has played a large part in our discussions. Much of what we had hoped to begin here in Clarksville we found at Eastgate, granted from a distance at times but still– I think what we have seen is what you guys really are. Not a lot of purple and pretense, if you know what I mean! And it wouldn’t surprise me if God brought us here so we could find you guys there. What is distance to someone who is the beginning and the end? And besides, I did get to meet Richard Thomas (John Boy Walton) and Mylon LeFevre. They have way more in common than you would think.

      Thanks again — Peace

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