Posted by: ubahleeob | December 6, 2008

Are We Whacked In The Head????

toadily-insaneAre we whacked in the head??  This is what I mean.  I have been reading lots of posts from seemingly intelligent fellow followers of Christ who are saying things along this line,”why, I sure wish God would bring some persecution to America — that’s what the church needs”, or “what we need is a real 1930’s type depression, then the church could be the church — that’s what we need –economic disaster”  What?  Huh?  ARE YOU KIDDING ME??


What is it about us that would make anyone think that what the world needs is some good ole wrath of God?  I thought we were supposed to pray for peace, I thought we were to be known by our love, I thought we were to be known as the ones that forgave when others mistreated us?  Did I miss a memo or something?? Can someone please explain it to me?


Persecution is here (only in America and the west do Christians roam about in relative safety), and sadly, the day of wrath will come soon enough.  But weren’t we told to work while it was still day — not pray for the night?  Those that say “ah some persecution and missing a few meals would be good for us — make us thankful for what we have” have somehow forgotten what Paul wrote of love — it always hopes for the best, believes the best, strives for the best.  It is that love that identifies us – nothing short will do.  peace



  1. I wish I could explain it for ya brother, but apparently I didn’t get the memo either. I heard similar comments back just before the election, but I attributed them to the panic a lot of us felt at that time. I will pray with you for peace, love, and a heart that will work to bring God glory while we find our way through this crazy world.

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