Posted by: ubahleeob | August 4, 2008

Upside down











I heard about two friends this week.  Actually, it would be a strech to call either a “friend”, they are both acquantinces  I care about.  The first is a hero, in the truest definition of the word.  He is a member of an elite special forces group and has been places we know about and done things we’ve read about. He has has also been places we didn’t know about and done things we would rather not read about.  He has protected his country without regard for his safety (and has more than one Purple Heart to show for it). Earlier this week, while riding an ATV with his wife, something happened and when they both stopped rolling he had broken his back in two different places.  

My other friend, well, I am not sure what happened.  I don’t think they are sure either.  Life was rolling along, pretty good from what I could tell.  Then something happened, they point to an event but who really knows, and when they stopped rolling their marriage was broken into pieces.  

Life has a way of turning us upside down, and it stinks. I hate that feeling, of losing my feet and living out the very really application of “what goes up, must come down.” It hurts, sometimes things break.  It is not good.  To make things even “better” some  well meaning Christians will say, “Well, God must have some reason, maybe this is a test or something…..”  Both of these people have had their lives turned upside down so that God could administer some twisted test??  Nope, don’t buy it, can’t see it, won’t ever believe it.

The God I know remembers what it is like to be broken.  The God I know can still remember  the pain of the whip. The God I know  still bears the scars in his wrists, his side, his feet, his back.   He still remembers, he still feels, he is marked for eternity with the scars caused by the beating he took that day so very long ago. Not that he didn’t care  about us before, but I would like to believe that now he understands us a bit better. He understands how it feels to hurt, how it feels to fear, how it feels to have life rip the rug from underneath your feet. 

I have no idea at this point what course the healing process will take for my friends.  But healing will come, but scars will come too. Don’t be afraid of the scars.Scars can serve as something that reminds us of the pain, reminds of us of the darkness.  Or, if they (and we) will allow them, the scars can serve has a reminder of the healing.  A reminder of how while  we were broken and beaten a loving and understanding God put us back together again, we are Humptee Dumptee no more.  

Our King will put us back together again. But there will be scars.  And that’s ok.


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