Posted by: ubahleeob | June 21, 2008

I Love Saturday Mornings









Don’t you just love Saturday mornings?  It’s 7ish, I am sitting here with a great cup of coffee listening to the new Coldplay album.  The wife and kids are at the grandparents, so the neighbors are also listening to Coldplay.   if you haven’t heard the record (if you are under 30 call a parent or ask an older friend about this thing called a record) it is really, really good.  Good like a quad shot cappuccino at Starbucks is good, like a conversation with a good friend is good, like that kiss from your beloved after a hard day is good (well, maybe not that good), but it is really good.  Ok, enough about Coldplay.

So back to Saturday mornings, I love them.  The weekend is full of the  promise of two days of well, whatever.  Sundays are cool too, but they are closer to Monday so they are less fun, by association. 

I was sitting here on this Saturday just letting my thoughts wander.  Where I live they have a fundraising raffle for St. Jude’s Hospital every year. Companies get together, build and furnish a house, the public buys raffle tickets for $100 each (all goes to the hospital), and then one lucky someone wins the house.  This years house is valued at $650k, without the furnishings.  Pretty cool huh?  

ANYWAY, the TV station that helps sponsor the raffle has been running lots of human interest pieces about the great work that St. Jude’s does and one story really hit me.  They were interviewing a mom who’s little boy had some horrible form of leukemia. One week he was fine, the next he was dying.  She made this comment, “I have always thought myself to be a Christian, I believed and all. But these last few months I have really been eyeball to eyeball with God.”   

Eyeball to eyeball with God.  What a picture.  So why do we wait for something horrible in life to happen before we get that close to God?  If God is loving, kind, forgiving, willing to put up with my junk (that is “longsuffering” for all of the KJV lovers out there), and the creator of all that ever has been,  then why do we treat him like the friend we don’t really want around unless we need a ride to work or help moving? I don’t know,  but I would love to read your thoughts.  

HOWEVER– if you are going to tell me that there isn’t a God, how dumb I am for believing etc, etc, etc, this is not the topic for that discussion.  On second thought, answer away– if I am about anything it is honest thoughts and discussions. I really am, no kidding, ask anyone.

Well  my oversized Starbucks mug is empty, Chris and the boys have sung the last tune, and it’s time to go. It’s time to get on with my Saturday.  The second pot of java awaits.




  1. saturday mornings are the best!

    the eyeball to eyeball with God bit really hits home. i think you can come eyeball to eyeball with Him on both good and bad occassions. it happened to me this week when my wife and i had our first sonogram and saw our child for the first time. amazing. God is great!

  2. Yep, that brings it everything into focus doesn’t it. And it is your first, how cool (not that two or three aren’t as well). Thanks for the comments!!!

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