Posted by: ubahleeob | June 6, 2008

Sorry It’s Been A While


Sorry that it’s been a while. Since my last post I have quit one job, spent a wonderful week in the most beautiful place on Earth (Panama City), got to visit with the coolest church community (Eastgate Fellowship in Panama City), and I have started the new job.  I probably would have blogged from PCB, but the condo we rented didn’t have internet, and I couldn’t drag myself away from the beach to blog at a coffee shop. IT WAS JUST TOO BEAUTIFUL!

Being in Florida last week just made us (the wife and I) more sure that we want to relocate to the county by the Bay.  We absolutely love Eastgate.  Being there was almost painful. I know that sounds funny, but there was this internal draw to get involved in what they are doing; and yet knowing that we had to go home. And there is reality, looking to punish you with “the facts”.  Plus, we just love the area.  How could you not?????

Well, I am off on my first trip to California next week.  As Missing Person’s put it, I’ll be “Walking in LA”.  Got school for the new job.  Only a mile or so from Manhattan Beach.  Can’t wait to blog from the land of Arnold.  




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