Posted by: ubahleeob | May 13, 2008

Thanks Mat Kearney




Ok, I admit it.  I love Mat Kearney. Most have heard Mat, especially thanks to a certain TV doctor show, but I have been listening to him for a couple of years now. His album was  orignally released on a Christian label, and the Christian world really didn’t know what to do with ole Mat.  You can’t really identify what his music is; is it alternative (yes), is it folk (maybe), is it rap (kinda), is it  cool (oh yeah) plus what’s the deal with spelling of his name?  Where’s the other “T”?  To be different in the Christian Music world is to be, well, not in the Christian Music biz very long.  But that is another rant……

One of my favorite lines penned by Senor Kearney is from the song Nothing Left To Lose,  and it says,

 And I found myself in a bitter fight 

While I’ve held your hand through the darkest night 

Don’t know where you’re coming from but you’re coming soon 


Everyday is full of fights, some bitter some not. I just love the picture painted by these words, can’t you see it … “Lord, I am really taking a beating here, but I know you’re coming — I really don’t know from where or how or even when– I just know you’re on your way.”   Granted, it’s not the best “faith confession”, that’s why I love it — it’s so real, so honest, so me.  

So thanks Mat, thanks a bunch.


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