Posted by: ubahleeob | May 10, 2008

Starting Over — Surf’s Up

On Monday I start over, sort of.  The past few months have been months of change for me. I guess we are always changing, but sometimes you seem to notice and sometimes you don’t (until you try on those shorts that fit last summer, and now well, don’t).  On Monday, the changes continue.  

On Monday I will let my employer know that I will be moving on, moving out, moving on up (not to the eastside, but a lot closer to home). Of course there is the concern about how they will react. I have given my best in the time I have been with them, but it was time. The distance and demands of the job had begun to wear on me. The job had required that I give up lot’s of things that I love.  I was willing to make the trade off in the beginning, unemployment has a way of re-aligning your priorities.  However, the longer the job went on, the more I missed those things.  I could feel the change, you can actually feel it sometimes. 

So I will be starting a new job, with all of the questions and concerns and questions that new jobs and new responsibilities bring. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit apprehensive, actually more than a bit.   While the job is in the same career field, it is different and dear old John will be “boldly going where this John has never gone before.”  My apologies to Gene Roddenberry.

I heard a friend say the other day that in life “we ride the wave.  Or more correctly, the wave let’s us ride it.”  I like that.  I think that too many times we forget that we are followers of Christ and not the other way around.   I like the picture of God as a wave. I can hear him,” Come on, what are you waiting on, this might be the ride you have always dreamed of. This could be the one they talk about forever.”  Hey, if God can talk from a bush, he surely can talk through the waves!

For many years I thought of the plan of God as very linear, a line through time.  If you every missed a turn, oh well too bad for you. Or maybe there were three plans, the good (that’s the bronze), the acceptable (oh, that’s the silver) and the perfect (yep, gold medal time). Huh??    I am not trying to over simplify this but, I really think life is more like surfing.  So what if you crash and burn, find your board ’cause here comes another wave.  Part of learning to surf (or live) is crashing and burning. I call it “John’s Doctrine of Learning Through Screwing Up.” As Tracy Bonham says, “whether you fall, it means nothing at all, it’s whether you get up….”. 

Grab a board, surf’s up.



  1. From Jim: I hope the new job goes well. Remember…God has a plan for you and He wants you to be successful. Look to Him and it will all be perfect. I pray that God is all over this new job, and that His blessing find you all day long.

    From Helen: I like this thought: “Courage is fear that has said its prayers” Best wishes for a great start on the new job….let us know how it goes!

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