Posted by: ubahleeob | April 29, 2008

Lord, Save Us From Your Followers

I have just finished watching the soon to be released movie, Lord, Save Us From Your Followers, by Dan Merchant. Merchant has also published a book by the same name.  I had read the book and was intrigued by Dan’s take.  I was admittedly worried when I first bought the book. It seems that the new fad in Christian bookdom is to pen works that tell the church why the culture thinks  Jesus is cool, but the church is not.I think we kinda know that already.  And yes, the film and the book do hang out on the same block as other books like Dan Kimball’s “They Like Jesus…” but  somehow I think Merchant takes it further. 

“Save Us “is  clever, convicting, and most of all, conversational. Starting conversation is  THE theme of the movie. The film ends with these words over a black screen, “The Conversation Starts Now.”  I really liked that. How the world would change if we did more talking with and less talking to. That’s the only way we can ever find out the other person’s story; and everyone has a story.

Honestly, this is probably the brightest  Christian-type film I have ever seen. Most Jesus movies are poorly acted, poorly produced, dreadfully written, end time scarefests. “Save Us” is witty, topical, and engaging. 

 And yes, it is convicting. I cried for the last thirty minutes and it takes a lot to get me to cry.  

The film releases sometime in June, but for a mere $6.99 you can access it via the wonders of the worldwide web. If you’re not sure, the web site also includes clips and there are all sorts of clips on Youtube. 

Be forewarned, you are likely to be offended, if you are the offend-able type. The movie does a great job of pushing most of our religious buttons. Buttons that needed pushing a long, long time ago,  if you ask me.  So strap yourself in and enjoy the ride.  Like the movie says, “The Conversation Starts Now”.



  1. I’m going to have to check this out!

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