Posted by: ubahleeob | April 11, 2008

Escape From Hell?

Was watching the tube this morning when I came across an advertisement for a movie called “Escape From Hell”. Actually, it was an advertisement masquerading as a thirty minute teaching program.  

This new evangelistic movie challenges viewers to confront the inevitable…death and judgment. In action-packed drama we get a glimpse of what heaven and hell may be like. It is a wonderful tool to share Christ with unsaved family and friends. Don’t miss this action packed movie that uses state-of-the-art special effects to take us to Heaven and Hell.

I hate these kind of movies. There I said it.  How do you translate “the Good News” into scaring the hell out of people? Excuse the pun, but really?  I realize that some will come to faith while watching this movie. Wonderful!  That still doesn’t justify the methods, it just shows that God will use anything to reach people (reference Balaam for further examples).  

Maybe I missed it, but I can’t remember a similar example in scripture. Preaching deliverance to the poor, I remember that. I remember Jesus bringing sight to the blind and freedom to the bound.  I remember the idea that God is not angry with man (goodwill to men).  I  remember reading that  the God of creation had come down to Earth and lived, eaten, laughed, cried and died. These things  I remember.  What I can’t seem to  remember is Paul telling those gathered on Mars Hill, “turn or burn baby, turn or burn”.  

Christians will buy the movie.  Christians will try to show the movie to their “unsaved friends” if they have any.  A few may come to faith, but the majority will not.  If scare tactics worked, Jesus would have been the King of the Scare. It’s funny, I think I remember reading something about God not working through a spirit of fear, but peace, love and soundness, and didn’t Jesus say something about before someone followed him that they should consider the ramifications (count the cost)?  Kinda hard to do that if you’re emotions are all in a tizzy. 

I will choose another path. I will tell those that ask about a God that loved them enough to take their beatings, who loved them enough to give up everything that made him who he was to become one of them. I will tell them about a God that was a friend of screw-ups like me. I will tell them about Jesus.  


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