Posted by: ubahleeob | February 18, 2008

Web Church

Church on the web. What a concept. But if you think about it, how truly cool. I have written before about Eastgate Fellowship in Panama City. The past couple of weeks they have been web streaming their services.

 One thing I really like is it isn’t done “professionally”. The video is choppy, and they have not dressed the stage for television.  It’s just them, singing their songs, talking about God, praying their prayers.

Many will say you can’t have a Web church, and I know what they mean.  We humans do need contact with others.  That touch on the shoulder that says everything will be ok can’t be duplicated on the web (at least not yet.) But in every other way, it is church.

 But think about it, all the research tells us that while this generation and the next really want to learn about God, they don’t have much tolerance for the structure or machine of the church. On the web, you watch with your friends. Discussion and comment is instantaneous. It could be like the days of old.  It is the church in your house.

Today, I worshiped with folks in Florida, folks in Tennessee, and some one in British Columbia. Sounds like heaven…..


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