Posted by: ubahleeob | October 18, 2007

Rob and Eastgate

Just added some links to Rob Woodrum and the church he leads, East Gate Fellowship in Panama City Florida ). Check these guys out. I love them.

Visited the church last week and it is more “hang out” than church. I know that many traditionalists would struggle with that idea, but I think it hearkens back to the early days of the Church. Just some friends, hanging around a fire or a good meal, talking about life. They laugh, they cry, they mock, they hug (just don’t hug Rob, from what I read hugging is not high on his list of favorite things.) They do what friends do.

Oh, if only the church at large could understand that simple fact. It’s not about building a monument or a political force. It’s not about occupying as an invading army. It’s about relationships, simple, coffee infused (at least the really good ones) relationships. If only……


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