Posted by: ubahleeob | June 19, 2007

Willow Arts Conference

Just returned from my second Willow Arts Conference. When I went two years ago I was changed, really changed. It messed me up. But you think, “maybe that was a fluke.” I am glad to report that after another conference, it was not a fluke. I know people don’t like Willow. I know there are endless sites on the web stating they represent everything wrong with Christianity. I know people think it is “the broad way that leads to destruction.” As our forefathers would say, bullfeathers!! Nothing could be farther from the truth. If you are creative, if you are an artist, you owe it to yourself to start saving up your $$ now and going next year. Granted they don’t talk about money, or how to get a blessing from God, or how to get your prayers answered, or finding your “man of God.” Actually, very little they do has anything to do with you. Other than the declaration that you are an artist and you have something to contribute to the family of God. Which is miles more than most artist get from the Church. Everything else is aimed at others. Again, I know all that has been said about them. Heck, I used to say the same things. But then I went there, experienced it for myself, met God there. A man with an experience trumps a man with an argument anytime. You go to Barrington, and then we’ll talk.


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