Posted by: ubahleeob | June 19, 2007


Just finished watching the movie, Luther.  What a great movie.  So many parallels to the church today. From selling blessings (indulgences) to top down rule, it would seem that nothing has changed.  Watching it was very disconcerting. Luther knew what was right and followed his conscience.  Too many people, when faced with the choice of safety or destiny choose safety.  We forget something that Luther knew, when change comes there will be costs — and that’s ok.



  1. That is certainly my favorite movie ever. If you liked it you might like Romero, Gandhi, and Beyond the Gates of Splendor. All of them are about people, like Luther, who saw major problems in the world and sought to fix them. Im so glad someone else out there loves Luther. Thanks for sharing, be blessed!

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